When it comes to aerial photography, video and other services, there is a lot the customer has to consider.    We offer  high quality, premium aerial imagery with crystal clear clarity and exceptional customer service far beyond others in the market.    

With High Flyin' Drone Imagery, LLC you will always have an insured FAA licensed drone pilot who is experienced, knowledgeable and professional.

 We have worked with multiple construction companies in the area as well as realtors, planners, solar farms, inspectional services and more.  We take our customer's privacy into account with everything we do.  

At High Flyin' Drone Imagery, LLC we treat all of our images and video as a professional work of art!

Aerial photography, video and mapping services have many applications for all different types of industries. 

We provide services for the following areas: ​

  • real estate
  • construction sites 

  • warehouses interiors/exteriors 

  • tower inspections

  • land surveying

  • mining

  • public safety and search and rescue and planning

  • insurance,

  • general planning 

  • sand and gravel sites 

  • crash reconstruction 

  • general photos/video or any property owner wanting quality aerial images. 

  • We  shoot high UAV aerial of up to 400 feet above ground level so that it encompass’ the entire property and land.  For real estate, we capture a home’s  surrounding area and closeness to amenities, which can be a great selling point.

  • We provide medium altitude shots at different angles to showcase different aspects of the property or object(s) being photographed.

  • We also provide low level, slightly angled shots or video so that we can capture amazing views that typical photography cannot do.   

Every one of our flights are carefully planned out to give you the best quality photo or video we can provide. 

Let High Flyin’ Drone Imagery, LLC provide you with your next photos and 4K video.  

We know you have choices and we are confident that you will be happy you chose us.  

Benefits of our service