We provide premium licensed, insured, detailed and experienced sUAS services to our client's.    We operate mainly in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and surrounding states. 

We pride ourselves with experience, exceptional products and amazing customer service.         

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About Us

​​Created in 2016 by Jeffrey Noel.  Jeff was licensed by the FAA as a Remote Pilot in Command in 2016. (FAA License # 3909539) Jeff holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and has spent many years as a law enforcement professional.  Jeff was also an investigator and photographer for many years.  Jeff  has taken his love and experience with photography to new heights and created HFDI.biz

We have worked for multiple realtors, planners, construction companies, farms and more since our inception.  We have a great deal of experience in the industry.   For more information about the industry itself, click on the FAA website button below.  


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